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Dear fans of our medieval JUST OUT fairy tale, fans of Manasija and lovers of knightly skills and virtues, thank you all for once again being a part of the spectacle and promotion of the most beautiful human values and cultural historical treasure of Serbia to the world!

Thanks to Local Government Despotovac and Resava Cave for household and co-organizing!
Thanks to the association White Eagles for co-organization and a wonderful medieval village!

We thank you:
Patron Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications
To the general sponsor Triglav insurance Srbia
Sponzor JP "Pošta Srbije"

And to all the other sponsors and donors who allowed us to reunite in Manasija!

We would like to thank all the photographers who conveyed the atmosphere from the festival and thus contributed to making this festival recognizable: Danijel Milic, Sebastian Milutinovic, Dalibor Jovanovic, Danijel Bumbasevic, Dusan Stankovic, Gorica Ninkovic, Marko Mišeljic, Nenad Mihajlovic, Sandra Milanović, Sinisa Ljubisavljevic, Sladjan Radovanovic and others.

Until the next meeting! Healthy!

Manasija 2021.

Just Out is yearly international festival with unique concept of K.A.M.F and New Technologies.

From 27th to 29th August in magnificent monastery Manasija in memory of 600 years since Stefan Lazarević built one of the most beautiful medieval buildings with church of Holy Trinity and 139 machicoulis, 11 towers.

White Eagles, knights from Serbia will be hosts, comrades from more than twenty countries such as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Turkey, Denmark, Hungary, the Republic of Serbian, Croatian, Romania, Slovenia, Norway, Israel, Japan, Macedonia, Sudan, Iran, Russia, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, India, Montenegro…

For our youngest who only started the battle of life, festival will organize various children's workshops with knights.

Just Out festival - for the first time in Serbia you will be able to hear the amazing blend of modern and medieval music. The big surprise for you will be French group of medieval music.

Incredible aroma variety of venison, surprises from the most famous chefs which will prepare for you various medieval specials. After all these incredible knights finish their fights, will be plenty of time for rest and relaxation with juices which are there for responsible drivers, you will be served the finest Serbian wines.


  1. Entrance/ Info desk 
  2. Monastery Manasija 
  3. Visitors' center / Reception 
  4. Main stage
  5. Knights village
  6. Old Crafts


Monastery Manasija August, 27 – 29th 2021

August 27, 2021.

20:00 - Opening ceremony

  • City choir of the "CK Sveti Stefan" Serbian despot
  • Milica Doskovic, vocal soloist
  • Parade of participants
  • Duel fights
  • Fire show "PALAČI"
  • Screening of the film "Teach darkness to shine"

August 28, 2021

10:00 - Open medieval village

11:00 - "Tapfight", reconstruction of fights

15:00 - Duel qualifications

17:00 - "BOHURT" tournament

18:00 - Lecture on Serbian history, Marko Aleksić
Presentation of the Museum of the Republic of Serbia
Lecture and film about a 700-year-old sword found in Vrbas

19:00 - Evening program

  • "KUD SK Sveti Stefan" Serbian despot
  • Milica Doskovic, vocal soloist
  • Duel fights
  • Saint Longinus from Senta 

August 29, 2021

10:00 - Open medieval village (medieval workshops, archery, horse riding, etc.)

11:00 - Duel fights, finals in the village

11:00 - Lecture on the sword from Vrbas and Serbian history from the stage

12:00 - Liberation of the princess and conquest of the fortress, review

17:00 - Closing of the village and the end of the festival



Stefan Lazarević (1377 -19 July 1427), also known as Stefan the Tall, was the ruler of Serbia as knez (1389–1402) and despot (1402–1427). The son of Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović, he was regarded as one of the finest knights and military leaders in Europe.

After the death of his father at Kosovo (1389), he became ruler of Moravian Serbia and ruled with his mother Milica (a Nemanjić), until he reached adulthood in 1393. Stefan led troops in several battles as an Ottoman vassal, until asserting independence after receiving the title of despot from the Byzantines in 1402. Becoming an Hungarian ally in 1403 - 04, he received large possessions, including the important Belgrade and Golubac Fortress. He also held the superior rank in the chivalric Order of the Dragon.

Despot Stefan Lazarević was a great patron of art and culture providing support and shelter to scholars from Serbia and exiles from surrounding countries occupied by the Ottomans. He was educated at his parents’ home, he spoke and wrote Serbo-Slavic; he could speak Greek, and was familiar with Latin.

He was an author in his own right, and his main works include "Slovo ljubve" (Letter of Love) that he dedicated to his brother Vuk.

About us

The festival of lost values Just Out is a culmination of all summer festivals

The passion of the people around D.S.L (Despot Stefan Lazarević) organization who conceived the concept of the Just Out festival, support from Bejing to London, the modern knights with brave hearts and with word of honor brings back lost hope while respecting gentleman's code. 

We are fighting for the respect of moral values, participate and help uncompomising fight against violence on women, children and weaklings. 
This is our mission, our covenant! 

Monastery fortress to this they with bishops, nuns and all of us here and now proudly resists the dramatic rise in violence, drugs, hooliganism, kitsch. We set as a dam, on the brightness of day, this festival inspired by the history and honor that in this holy place we delete the boundaries, colors and diversity and we all breathe in what the modern world in a hurry forgets... Love! 

Јust Out festival is turned to traditional values. He unlocks the secret code of Eastern Serbia, approaching the world every creek, tweet, hot earthenware dish, plum ''Ranku'', children's smiles, the clatter of wild horse. 

We are non-profit non-governmental organization. And in addition we initiated a major project to clean around monastery Manasija, elimination of consequences of floods with help of large number of volunteers. 
Municipality Despotovac helps works and understands the importance of this and many future projects to preserve natural beauty and ecology. 

We support making a movie about great Serbian diplomat and warrior Despot Stefan Lazarević


History of one nation is one of the most important factors that influence its development. Without it the existence of naciona identity is unithinkable. History does not just represents cluster of periods that were irrevocably past and gone, but its presence is constant and visible, especially in the shaping of today’s society.

The Association “Beli Orlovi” (White Eagles), therefore, attempts to show the modern world, the most important elements from one period of Serbian history. The development of Serbian society started in the distant past, when major historic events took place.


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